Why Travel? 8 Benefits Of A Great Vacation

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Taking a vacation can work wonders for a couple's relationship.

Everybody needs a little time away, or so the song goes. Traveling has benefits for everyone: it opens our minds to new thoughts, allows us to unplug and step into something far more relaxing and pleasing to the senses than the everyday hustle and bustle. For couples and families, it's a particularly special time for reconnection and intimacy.

Need more convincing? YourTango Experts has put together the top 8 relationship benefits of a great vacation.


1. Better sex. Relationships take attention and care, which are often sacrificed during daily life. Traveling as a couple encourages spontaneity, experimentation and relaxation. Three critical components to sexual satisfaction, and together they can add an infusion of zest into a sagging sex life. 5 Tips For Having Sex During A Family Vacation

2. Distraction-free connection. When you vacation together, you have time to really talk, not just report about work and family issues. You reconnect with the energy that drew you to each other in the first place and have a chance to fall in love all over again.

3. More fun! Often as adults we're so tied to our responsibilities that we forget to take some time to stop and enjoy life. Vacationing offers the freedom to play, laugh, connect, be silly and otherwise tap into those parts of yourself that are neglected when you're busy being "responsible" in your real life.

4. Better problem solving. Traveling encourages you to relax. A relaxed mind is capable of better problem solving, greater awareness and more open-minded thinking. All of which go a long way towards living a more manageable life and relationship.

5. "Distance makes the heart grow fonder." Traveling allows you to forget so you can remember. As you step away from your usual routine—and the people involved in it—you begin to miss and remember the things you love about your home, job, friends and family and you reconnect with your desires to be around them. This can inspire you to return home with renewed energy for the life you've created.

6. Open minds lead to open hearts. Travel opens you up to greater learning and compassion. By visiting foreign countries, practicing different languages and seeing new landscapes, your world becomes a much more robust place. Travel nourishes the soul when it's done right, so prepare yourself with good planning.

Two bonus benefits:

1. Parents need time-outs, too. Traveling without your kids is not only OK, it's encouraged from time to time. By taking time away from your kids, they get to connect with other adults who love them and you get to reconnect with yourself outside of your parenting role. Being a parent is such an incredible experience, that it's hard to imagine "not" being a parent. If you can take even a few days to step away and recharge, your relationship will be stronger for it. 5 Innovative Ways To Bond As A Family

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