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Jianny Adamo - Counselor/Therapist, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Relationship Coach - Delray Beach, FL
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After The Honeymoon Is Over

Dear Fearless Love, I'm 35 and have been married 3 years. Frankly speaking, I married because I didn’t want to be left alone, I got caught up in the fun of the romance and the wedding planning. Now that the newfound fun stage is over, I'm wondering how to "make this work". We do love ...

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Who Are You Really?

I am considering joining an online dating site. I have heard that people online frequently misrepresent themselves and many are already married. I think people you meet in person can do the same thing. That got me thinking, what information should I ...

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13 Signs You Are Stuck In A Bad Romance

1. Lacks a Conscience He still has current pictures of his last girl and shows up to places she will be present, even though she started a campaign against him to warn any would-be lovers. 2. Does Not Make You A Priority He prioritizes his ex-wife's needs over yours, but he tells you ...

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7 Cheap Ways Not To Fail At Romance This Valentines

Are you burning the midnight oil trying to figure out what to get your sweetie this Valentine’s Day? Do you feel pressure instead of pleasure in having to prove your love each year?  The truth is romance doesn’t prove your love -- it keeps it ...

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Anger: Good or Bad for Your Relationship?

Does anger belong in your relationship, or better yet, in your life?  Is it Okay to express anger or is it a deadly sin? Depending on culture, religious beliefs and personality, you will find different answers, but make no mistake, anger is a ...

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Jianny Adamo

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Marriage/Couples Counselor

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Articles by Jianny Adamo
Trouble In Paradise

After The Honeymoon Is Over

Making your marriage work post honeymoon phase.


Who Are You Really?

What you need to know when meeting people online

Trouble In Paradise

13 Signs You Are Stuck In A Bad Romance

Is low self-esteem keeping you cycling through unhappy relationships?


7 Cheap Ways Not To Fail At Romance This Valentines

Take the pressure off and bring back romance.

Butting Heads

Anger: Good or Bad for Your Relationship?

Discover how to make anger work for you.

Jianny Adamo

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