Top Ten Things NOT To Say To A Woman When You First Meet Her!


Top Ten Things NOT To Say To A Woman When You First Meet Her!

1. ”You look good, for your age…” OH MY GOSH!!! Don’t EVER say anything that even resembles this faux compliment!  Any woman past the age of 21 is going to be offended by that comment, even if you really meant it as a compliment.  The problem is, our western society praises youth and all things young.  The pressure to maintain a youthful appearance is on most women’s radar once they hit their mid-thirties. Although feeling more sexually confident, they are also aware that they’re not getting any younger and comments that infer to that fact, may be taken as a back-handed compliment.  So, play it safe and just say “You look great!”  If in conversation, the question of age comes up, see how she handles it and take your cues from her response and demeanor.  No one should have to hide anything, but they may want to tell you on their own terms.  So be cautious when treading around the age issue.  So when you meet her, and you want to say she looks great (at any age), just tell her so, skip the after-thought and you’ll stay in her good graces.

2. ”I usually date skinny girls, young girls, black girls, fat girls..”  Just fill in the blank!  We don’t want to know that you have some kind of ‘type’ and that, worse of all, we don’t fit it!! Why would we want to hear about skinny girls if were ‘athletic’?  Why all the talk about black girls if we’re Asian?? What’s the point?  You’re not choosing an ice-cream flavor, you’re talking about people you’ve been attracted to and we certainly don’t want to hear how we wouldn’t usually ‘fill-the-bill’!  The woman of your dreams won’t want to be compared to some other girl you’ve dated.  She wants you to see her as unique and an original, not a type.


3. ”My last girlfriend…”  Please, call your buddy, your pals or your mom, but don’t start talking about your ex…We don’t want to hear you compare, contrast or complain!  Similar to point number two stated above, the woman of your dreams wants to feel special, not just the replacement for your last girlfriend. It’s up to you to show her how you’ve noticed  the unique qualities that make her irresistible to you.  Don’t do that by comparing her to your last girlfriend.  Most of us have a past and that’s where we want to keep it, in the past!


This article was originally published at How To Get The Woman of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission.
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