5 Things the Anxious Single Woman Will Do For Your Man


5 Things the Anxious Single Woman Will Do For Your Man
...That You Won't!

We are the ones holding tight to our man’s hands, or flashing our wedding bands/engagement rings as we pass. Yes, everyone knows that we are involved and that someone loves us. That’s not even to question. We are in relationships with good men, and we are proud of them! We have so much for which to be thankful, yet we are becoming more and more lackadaisical—lazy! We are all too comfortable wearing his pajamas and t-shirts on Thursdays, laying on the couch all day on Fridays, going straight to sleep at night on Saturdays, and wearing our head scarf ALL day on Sundays. I hate to outwardly admit this, but we are slipping, Ladies! Doing my typical ‘people watching’ while out and about, I’m noticing that [dating and married women] have reverted more than ever to wearing ponytails, sweat pants, over sized t-shirts, and sneakers! I know, I know—I hear you saying, “But we are busy, and he needs to just love me for who I am.” Who are you telling? I am the queen of busy, and I too believe that he should love me for who I am. But, these can’t be our only excuses! Every single time that we begin to be lazy in taking care of who we are and our relationship, we are slowly massacring the woman with whom he originally fell in love. We are giving our men the old switch-a-roo and are shocked and appalled when he has the nerve to drool anytime he sees a cute single girl smile his way!

What happened to us? We pulled out all stops in order to get his attention. And, now that we have him, we are taking him for granted. As if Halle Berry and Beyonce weren’t enough to worry about, every single day we have a more realistic challenge to contend with—the anxious single woman! She’s not your everyday single woman. Let me REPEAT: SHE'S NOT YOUR EVERYDAY SINGLE WOMAN (so this is in no offense to you beautiful, bold, and lovely single ladies out there). The anxious single woman is the one that is on the PROWL. She’s not just looking for a man…she’s specifically looking for yours—the good man! And since it’s all about her, she has no qualms regarding your feelings and she doesn't mind being the mistress--momentarily. She’s on the move, and she’s doing everything right! The ironic thing is that she is not getting his attention by doing anything that you can’t do—she’s simply doing what you have stopped doing. And, that’s what makes it even worse! Do you even know what these women are capable of? If you don’t, allow me to explain. Below, are the five most common things the anxious single woman will do for your man that you won’t!

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