How To Have An Orgasm When You Think You Can't

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Spice Up Your Sex Life - #1 Piece of Advice From a Sex Therapist

Be Mindful During Sex

The brain is the most powerful organ when it comes to having powerful orgasms, and struggling with negative thoughts about your performance or worrying about whether or not you will achieve critical mass can stifle your ability to have the kind of orgasm you want.

While it can take time and practice, learning to identify these negative thoughts and stopping them in their tracks can help you reach more satisfying ends.

Just remember, you are fine just the way you are. So, shake off concerns about how long it is taking you to get there or how your body looks, feels, or even smells. Then, refocus on how you feel and aim to be more present. That way, your brain can be working for your orgasm and not against it.

If you find you are having trouble having an orgasm, and don't even know where to start, put your phone down, and start exploring the pleasurable part of your body once and for all.