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Independence Day!

Independence Day!
Love, Heartbreak

Happy Independence Day, USofA. In-de-pen-dence - free of dependence; it embraces liberation and freedom. Actually, it's a day that all of human kind can celebrate. Free your soul today from all things that are holding you back.

Freedom for your soul  would include the boyfriend/girlfriend that you really DON'T get along with, but are just along for the temporary ride. Did it ever occur to you that while you're just passing time, you're also passing opportunity for someone REALLY worth your time?

Freedom for your soul would include the daily drugeries of forcing yourself to go to work at a job that you hate, but "need for the money". Here's a big clue for those of you doing this: follow your heart and the Universe rewards you. Ok, you MAY have to tighten up things just a bit initially, but if you stop focusing on what you need and instead shift to what you WANT- guess what? No, it's not magic; it's just YOU deciding that enough is enough. Imagine the joy you would feel if you got up every day and said, "I GET to go to work today doing doing what I love with passion!"

Freedom for your soul would include forgiveness. Resentment is a heavy burden to haul around with you, and most of it comes in tons. That's a lot of luggage (visualize a freight train, a ship, and a 747 airliner). TRUE forgiveness means that you no longer allow the maddening incidents to even cross your lips; the memories that bring back the resentment are booted just as swiftly out of your mind. Look upon these transgressions as a lesson to YOU. You can turn resentment into forgiveness simply by saying "Thank you" to the Universe for a lesson well learned. You will be stunned at how much lighter your being will feel. In the process, your soul will thank you tremendously! What a weight to be lifted.

Independance: dance until your heart sings!

Make it a great day!