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Is He Worth It?


This question that I receive frequently always astounds me, "Is he worth it?" Um, worth what? Altering your entire personality to accommodate his? Jeopardizing your values to fit into a niche that you think it's what he wants? Because it's a relationship that YOU want, with someone that YOU'VE decided is going to be your relationship, what sacrifice do you make? Are your sacrifices matched? Is there true compatibility, or is it a CREATED compatibility because you're doing everything that YOU think he wants? I wrote about this on my blog last year, and have re-posted it today because it's still relevant and brings up some critical elements that require more thought.

If you have changed every aspect of who you are just to accommodate a relationship - who is getting the short end? Food for thought, that's all.

Dontcha just LOVE Tango-Land? It works well because of the participants. I was shy about posting things, initially, now it's interesting and fun. I would expect disagreements, and why not? We all don't think alike, because we are unique. We all don't handle situations based on other's experience, but we can read and learn from other's experiences. And, of course what I would do in a particular precidament isn't exactly what YOU might do! The point is, to really get the most out of Tango-ing get involved. And, I would suppose that's true of any site that you subscribe to.

Make it a great Saturday!


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