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Even RATS jump off a sinking ship!

Even RATS jump off a sinking ship!

We’ve all been there – Captain of the Titanic. We know we're on a sinking ship, yet refuse to give up,  refuse to dive off the side of the ship and allow  it to sink. Why? Because we all WANT to believe, by some miracle, that WE can save the ship, and ourselves, and get the relationship back on track.


So, here YOU are. The more you try, the deeper it sinks. “How can this be?” you ask yourself. It was once so lovely and sailing in smooth waters. Where did all these damaging waves come from? How did it get to this point???


Newsflash: you sailed into your waters while not realizing that your ship (or your partner) was steering HIS/HER vessel into totally different seas. Oh, sure, there were times when you were on a parallel course, but if you are honest with yourself, most of the time you CREATED the smooth waters.


Now you have no choice but to jump…or grab a lifeboat and paddle off alone. It’s a scary thought, true. There are sharks in those waters. There are fish that pretend to be kind and loving, and then turn into sharks. What may appear to be a beautiful and inviting island can be littered with cannibals that will eat you alive. But, face it, what choice do you have? Your ship is SINKING!


You can remain blissfully certain that the sinking ship you’re on will somehow repair itself.  You'll be determined to stick with it, even though it IS filling rapidly with very cold waters. OR you can take a deep breath and jump into a life raft. Surely you know that eventually you will be rescued from being left afloat in a lonely raft.


Choose the raft. Don’t hang onto a ship that is so damaged no amount of time or energy is going to repair it. Let it go gracefully.


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