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Why Beta Relationship Advice Doesn't Work For Alpha Women


Alpha women have new relationship challenges. Are you an Alpha?

 If you've ever wondered why regular relationship advice doesn't work for you, it's because you're an Alpha. Simplistic advice works for betas because they're not complicated people and they don't give life or relationships much thought. They don't have to. There's no war between their head and their heart. They are looking for simple advice. For example; What to wear on a first date etc. Alphas are complicated. Every decision has so many pros and cons, the misunderstanding by other people can leave you wondering why am I so complicated and will I ever have a long term relationship? Here are 3 Alpha vs. Beta relationship advice challenges to consider if you are an Alpha.


Boredom. Alphas are known for their high intensity lifestyle. They are driven to be the best at what ever they do even their hobbies. This drive causes them to be easily bored with status quo relationships where there are no dramatic challenges or uncertainties. The even keel relationships that betas are always in. Alphas simply want more out of life and will leave secure relationships because they are bored and thrive on uncertainty or so they think. This is the biggest challenge Alphas have and is something they can learn from betas. How to be simple. It just might save your life and your relationship. It saved mine. Watch Chemistry To Commitment.


Constant growth. Alphas have more dopamine receptors in their brain typically caused by childhood trauma that push them toward constant growth. Betas do not have this problem and are typically content where they are and the way things are. This is a slow death for Alphas who are always seeking to grow which often leads them to changing partners in their drive for constant growth. This is what makes long term relationships hard for Alphas. They are also highly susceptible to addictions especially norepinephrine aka longing addiction. Read A Life Of Love.


Have to be yourself. Alphas are driven to be individuated and actualized. They are leaders and often have trouble being team players. They have to do what they have to do. Betas do not have this problem and have no problem being part of a team or sacrificing themselves for their family or others. This is where traditional status quo relationship advice doesn't work for Alphas. Alphas have no problem being by themselves in fact they often feel a surge of freedom when they are. It's called the Alpha dilemma, the need for individuation the desire for relationship. Read A Life Of Love.

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