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3 Ways To Spot The Right Man For You!

happy men.

Is he or is he not the right guy for you?

1. You've got chemistry. That's good news. This means your bodies lust each other which is a lot of fun and a great feeling.

2. You're compatible. Meaning you have similar interests and live close enough and have time enough to see each other. This makes a relationship possible.

3. You have communication. Meaning you can talk to each other, the conversation doesn't end, you can negotiate, and make and keep agreements.

This means you have the three C's. Chemistry, Compatibility and Communication. Awesome! Read A Life Of Love.

This is great news and the start of something special. The difference as to whether it will be able to last comes when you find out if you have the fourth C.

You typically don't find out if the man you're with has the fourth C until you have a disagreement. Men are easy to get along with when everything is going well and new.

A man with character knows how to get through the rough spots and get back in synch. They see being out of synch with you as something that is repairable and they make the effort to do it. In other words they don't give up.

Look inside Dating Advice For Alpha Women: The Road To Love.

To a man with character your feelings matter. He has the ability to feel what you're feeling and tune in with you. It's called empathy. More importantly; not only do your feelings matter to him, they change him... It's called communion... The hidden gem and beauty of love. The value of character with the right man.

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P.P.S. Watch the Chemistry To Commitment DVD.

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