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3 Surprising Ways Fighting Saves Your Relationship

Before you throw in the towel read between the lines.

A lot of interesting things happen on the way to having a relationship. Often having a fight can stop a relationship in its tracks. This doesn't have to happen and here are 3 ways a fight can save your relationship.

1. You don't have to leave. If you don't have much experience working through problems a fight may signal you that it's time to go. On the contrary a fight is often the beginning of a relationship not the end of it. Read A Life Of Love. Practice staying even when you're uncomfortable and you may find...

2. You reach a new level. You don't really know someone until you see how they are when they're mad at you. People who love you; love you even when they don't like you. It's a scary yet strangely wonderful feeling to love and be loved by someone you're mad with. Because you finally get to...

3. You get to be yourself. If you walk on egg shells you can make a relationship last for a while... However you may feel better breaking a few eggs. Being yourself is the greatest gift a relationship can give you. Fighting means we don't give up on ourselves or the other person at the first sign of trouble. Oddly enough we only fight with people we're building with. Look inside; Dating Advice For Alpha Women.

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