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3 Secrets Why Guys Don't Talk To You

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Wondering what guys are waiting for? Find out what gets him talking to you.

If you've ever wondered why even though you're dressed to the nines and so are your girlfriends guys are still not coming up to you here are 3 secrets you will want to know.


Rejection. You may not know this and may feel it's ridulous they should just come talk to you however men are always calculating the odds of rejection. It's even stronger than attraction. We are social and community creatures and have been for thousand of years. Rejection means being perceived as lesser value something men instinctually avoid especially in group settings. Gentlemen look for your signal to know you're not already taken. Drunks and players don't care.


Presentation. All females in the animal kingdom know instinctually how to present. This is what signals a man to approach. This is what attracts men. It over rides his fear of rejection and takes five seconds it's way simpler then it sounds and is quite easy and natural to do. Babies have it down. It works better than even the highest of heels. The best way I can show you is to see it demonstrated. Sign up and watch Jessica do it in the first video from you can sign in and go straight to the video..


Common interest. A man is far less likely to talk to you if he doesn't see a common interest. For example I met my wife dancing salsa. Since I saw here dancing and we were both in a salsa club I knew the odds of her talking and dancing with me were quite high turns out I was right. People tend to be friendlier in group settings with a common interest and when they have unstructured time to talk to you.

We are social creatures and we do want to talk and connect. We are not meant to be alone. It takes five seconds to signal a man to talk to you and will make a huge difference in your dating success; definitely worth five seconds. If you want to see how get quality men to start talking to you right away like Jessica does sign in and watch the first video from

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P.S. Watch how to know if you have chemistry in 30 seconds.


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