3 Reasons You Don't Attract Quality Men

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Use these 3 steps to raise your attraction factor with quality men.

The biggest problem modern relationships have is equality. We want everything to be fair and 50/50. When we fight we'd rather be right than happy. No one wants to take one for the team. Most relationships end over small arguments or disagreements where no one is willing to be the bigger person and come back to the table.

Being right can be deadly to relationships. Especially if your friends agree with you. We all have wounds, we all get triggered for seemingly no reason. This is a given for a relationship. We come to relationships to heal to expose what's inside of us and be loved anyway.

Unconditional love means you have a right to be, feel, think and share your way, and while I may not agree with you, I love you enough to come back to the table and negotiate with you regardless of how hurt or right I maybe.

If you're tired of non-committal men you may want to investigate how to create polarity. The easiest way is to read A Life Of Love in the meantime.

1. Stop being equal Stop insisting on paying and splitting checks and opening your own door and generally letting men know you don't need them.

2. Express your feelings— If you haven't had a feeling for a while because you've been to busy working this may very well be the problem. Practice noticing and expressing two things, what feels good and what doesn't feel good.

3. You can't receive If you're only comfortable giving and having things be equal there will be no place for a man in your life. Men fall in love when they give. When a man feels needed it creates attraction and polarity. Practice receiving concretely i.e. Dinners, flowers, gifts etc and giving back abstractly by saying thank you. That's it!

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P.S. Read A Life Of Love and you will know how to speak, feel and be in your natural feminine energy that men find so attractive.



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