Apples to Apples: How Much Does it Really Cost to Become a Coach?


How to read between the lines and know what you actually receive from coach training.

Put Away Your Spreadsheet! 
So, you are beginning to consider coach training as a possible next step - either for use within your career or as a livelihood.
This is usually the time that you start to consider important questions that can help you decide on your training and the fees to expect.

The questions that typically cause the most confusion are:
• What is a fair price for coach training?
• How can some schools advertise such low tuition fees?
• How do I know if a school's tuition reflects the value I receive?
• Will the training include everything I really need to start coaching AND succeed?
• Should I plan for additional fees they may not be telling me about?


As you begin to do your research, you may feel like you need a spreadsheet to help you compare the fees across various schools. That's why it is so important to read between the lines when evaluating the true cost of becoming a certified professional coach.

Be an Educated Consumer!
Now that you've been looking around the coaching world, you may already have noticed:
• Many schools advertise low tuition by presenting their program in fragments.
• Others separate out 'fees' for everything from books and materials, to mentor coaching.
• Some offer a "Certificate" in coaching - this means a certificate of completion and NOT accredited certification.
• Some schools claim to offer you a certification approved by a little known "industry association" - but the association is one that they started themselves to approve their own program!
• Others only include teleclass training; in-person workshops are extra or not offered at all.
• Some consider business development training to be an option, and charge extra for it. (How can learning to build a coaching business that will succeed and make money be anything less than an essential requirement?)

Well, that's not how we do things here at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. At iPEC, we value integrity and clarity, and that holds true for our tuition as well.

Dollar for dollar, you receive more for your tuition at iPEC
than any 
other program. Period.

Because Professional Excellence is our middle name, we make sure everything we offer is clear and concise, with no doublespeak.

"So, are there any hidden fees?" Nope.
"Upsell courses?"Uh-uh.
"Teaser rates that expire if I don't decide in 24 hours?" Sorry, wrong school.
"Won't I have to pay extra for the actual certification process?" You're kidding right? Isn't that why you enroll in coach training in the first place?

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