What Are The Signs That A Woman Is Being Dishonest?


What Are The Signs That A Woman Is Being Dishonest?
The obvious answer; her lips are moving.

OK lets be brutal here guys a woman will tell untruths the entire day long if necessary to keep life on an even keel and for the most part society accepts this as a ‘norm’ as friendships can be based on overlooking aspects of truth..ie does my butt look big in this? Lie, Lie, Lie and then do what women do, refocus on another aspect that is true, redirect attention to an area that you can be honest and genuine and supportive in.

My guess is though that that’s not the kind of dishonesty that you are interested in. My guess is that you are more interested in finding out fast if she is cheating, stealing, or outright criminally deceptive and good for you as the old saying, “a fool and his money are soon parted” brings me to my first indicator that love may not be true. Too many industries especially online are built around tender hearts looking for a safe place to harbor and too late discover their fair maiden (or man pretending to be a woman) has set sail with all their worldly goods. If you are being bombarded with requests for financial aid, do some investigating into the truth. Don’t blindly hand over checks or cash, if you wish to help out and are able to do so then sight and pay the actual bills, otherwise you won’t just be a bleeding heart- you will be a bleeding bank balance too. Please be sure to have an established relationship that is not purely online before you even get to this point. I am trusting that you have all the obvious bases covered at the outset of your relationship as in you know where they live, with whom if it’s not you, what they do for work or study and who their friends are. If not, then they just may not be into you in which case dishonesty may well be a viable option for them. If you do have the bases at least covered and we are talking about an established monogamous relationship with basic agreements of truth and trust lets’ continue.

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Dishonesty indicator No 2; sudden lack of availability.

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