6 DatingTips The Young Man who is Dating A Cougar Need to Know


6 DatingTips The Young Man who is Dating A Cougar Need to Know

We live in great and interesting times, when standards don’t exist anymore. Nobody will look at you funny if you are attracted to an older or even a much older woman. Explore this exciting possibility; just keep certain things in mind if you want this experience to be rewarding for both of you.  Let’s analyze why you could be interested in an older woman in the first place. Maybe you are a smart guy and are too tired of hanging out with young bimbos who care about nothing but manicures or getting drunk.  Or maybe you were used by women for money too many times and are looking for someone with a little bit more independence. This is completely understandable. So, what advantages do the older ladies have compared to their younger counterparts?

1 They understand men better.


When we are young, we are as lost as you guys,  just trying to figure you out. However, years of experience have brought us to a point when we know exactly how men roll and what really makes them tick. Not to generalize, but we all know how much boys like being well-fed and taken care of, and having their own time and space to themselves sometimes. We are more than happy to cook you a tasty dinner and open a bottle of your favorite wine. Also, we don’t freak out when you watch sports with your friends for the whole weekend. In addition, we know that sex is a very important part of your life. We have lived enough to know that you most likely appreciate sexually adventurous women, who are not afraid to try new positions and unusual locations for lovemaking.

2 They are very confident.

We were not born yesterday. It definitely took us awhile to build our confidence, but it finally happened, at which point we had gotten our education, started our careers and received enough compliments from guys. We learned to live with ourselves and appreciate ourselves. Nothing can bring us down anymore. Isn’t that an excellent attitude? Isn’t it what attracts you young guys to us in the first place? A broken nail is only a tragedy for a young girl. We just laugh it off and keep on being awesome.

3 They are more independent.

By the time they reach thirty, most women figure out their career aspirations. If a woman does not have a child, it most likely means that she is quite successful and career-oriented. It also means that she doesn’t start this relationship to use you for money or any other advantage. Older ladies also like the traditional way, when the man is the breadwinner, but it is not our main focus. We can provide for ourselves, so we are much more flexible and understanding.

4  They take better care of themselves.

When we are young, we are willing to experiment with our looks to impress you boys, sometimes to no avail, and we just look silly anyway. Later on in life, though, we figure out what suits us best and what we feel comfortable and confident in. We also realize that life is not eternal, and it probably makes sense to drink moderately and stop smoking. Also, working out and relaxing/not stressing out is an excellent idea. So don’t be surprised that sometimes we look better in our 30s than we did in our 20s!
This all sounds like a great deal and fun to you. However, don’t forget that a relationship with an older woman can hide certain pitfalls. What can you do to avoid them?

This article was originally published at How To Get The Woman of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission.
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