5 Reasons A Woman Will Give You Her Number But Not Call...


5 Reasons A Woman Will Give You Her Number But Not Call...
There is nothing more frustrating than meeting a woman who does not answer a call.

An ex once told me that “women are complicated creatures.” At the time, I disregarded this as banter during an argument, but in retrospect, he was right. We are quite complicated. We think about every little detail and are very emotional. Overall, we want things to go perfectly, and that’s where it starts to go downhill for us. As children, we dream of the perfect job, wedding and family. We spend our lives searching for perfection around every corner, especially when it comes to men. We all have our dream relationship in our minds. Whether or not we get it is another matter. So we spend our time looking for the perfect mate, and in the process of finding him we have to go through the process of dating, which is the most complicated process of them all. Men always ask women for their phone numbers, and most of the time they get them. Now this doesn’t always mean the lady is going to answer the phone or even return your call. Here are five reasons women give out their phone number but never answer or return your call.

1. She changed her mind.


The hunt is a serious game. We have this idea that maybe this man will be the one, finally! When a single woman is out and about and a man approaches her and asks for her number, for a split second this idea pops into her head. What if this is the one? Then reality kicks in and the overthinking woman realizes she was being idealistic, and there is no way she would date a guy who can't even put an outfit together. Then the guy calls her, and she ignores it and hopes he will get the hint and leave her alone. She will then go onto the next guy hoping the same thing. This cycle will continue until she is old and alone and realizes that due to her need for perfection, she never gave anyone a chance.

2. She had one too many.

Another scenario is that she was drunk when she handed her telephone number to a complete stranger. The next morning, she asks, “What did I do last night?” Then her phone rings with a call from an unknown number. She lets it go to voicemail, only to hear some dude saying "It was nice to meet you; I'd love to get together sometime." She wonders, who is this dude? Then memories trickle back into her consciousness. Boom! "Oh, that guy! I don’t even remember what he looks like. Yikes, what did I say to him? Hopefully he gets the hint when I don’t call him back." Delete! You see, the thing is, women like to party and let loose on the weekends too. We like to get together with our girlfriends, get dressed up and paint the town the red. This also means having a few too many apple martinis or whiskey sours, which ultimately leads to getting really wasted. She may have blacked out and is embarrassed to talk to you after having forgotten what really happened last night.

3. She couldn't say no.

This article was originally published at How To Get The Woman of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission.
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