10 Ways to Test a Woman to See if She’s Interested in Dating You


10 Ways to Test a Woman to See if She’s Interested in Dating You

Men want surefire ways to know whether or not a woman is interested in them. Honestly, it’s pretty easy if you’re paying attention. Women know damn near instantly whether they like a guy and give off pretty clear signs. Unlike men, most women also don’t waste time trying to fake it or hide the fact that they like you. They will likely shower you with attention and jump at opportunities to spend time with you. If, for some reason, you’re not able to pick up on these signs or perhaps want to put a new lady in your life to the test, here are 10 things you can do to see if she truly is interested in you:

1  Send her a vague text message such as, “Hey, Lisa.”  If she responds by saying “Hey” in return, she’s probably not interested. However, if she responds in greater detail by saying something like “Hey, Brian!  How are you?” or “I was just thinking about you,” chances are, she is. If a woman likes you, the fact that you reached out tends to be enough. She will take it and run with it.

2 Another text test: Send her a message in the middle of the day saying something like, “I hope you’re having a great day” or “I just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you.” If she responds with something like, “I’ve been thinking about you, too,” she’s interested. If she responds with, “That’s sweet/nice”  or “Thanks,” consider this the kiss of death. Note that a woman loves to receive these types of messages…from the guy she’s interested in. They will make her day. Unfortunately, when it comes from a guy she’s not into, it’s just lame.

3 Call her during a time you know she might be busy with something, like watching her favorite show. If she stops to talk to you, she’s interested. If she tells you “Love & Hip Hop” is on and she’ll call you back, she still might be interested. But, it’s probably on a lower scale. If a woman likes a guy, her show can likely wait. Keep in mind that if she doesn’t call back at all, she is definitely not interested.

4 Ask her out on a spur-of-the-moment date, such as going for coffee on a weeknight. If a woman is interested in a guy, she likely can’t wait to see him again and will jump at the opportunity to hang out, even if it’s not a planned date. If she says no or seems to need convincing to go, she’s probably not interested.

5 If you typically are the one to call or reach out to her, stop. Give it a day or two. If she doesn’t call or text you, she’s not interested. Granted, people can fall into a routine. If a woman is used to you initiating contact, she may simply go along with that. However, if she fails to wonder what happened or doesn’t attempt to pick up the phone to see what’s going on, you’re a non-factor. Sorry.

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