Dating The Insecure Woman & The Secure Woman? Part 2


Dating The Insecure Woman & The Secure Woman? Part 2
Insecurity is a character trait that if not managed properly will suffocate the man of your dreams.

continued from part 1

Excessive calls to his place of employment


What are you trying to do? Get him fired? Now your man cannot pay his phone bill or even his rent, because you assisted in getting him fired. Now he must move in with you because you overextended yourself with phone calls to his job. Everyone at work knows your name: “Your wife is on the phone again!” If you’re guilty of this behavior, you have intense insecurities and may need to seek professional guidance. We’re just kidding, but at this point you are being unreasonable.

He has to pay his bills, unless you want to pay them. When your insecurities threaten a man’s employment, living arrangements, children, food and/or transportation, you have crossed the proverbial line in the sand. Example: you slashed his tires and busted out his windows. You have then gone too far. You are intruding on his personal space and if he starts to distance himself from you at this point, don’t be surprised.

Lying about your condition to get what you want out of him–You’re pregnant, you’re sick, etc.

Anytime you have to make up a story to gain his attention, you have overstepped your boundaries and have defeated your purpose of getting closer. It may temporarily work until he discovers the truth.

Do not turn into a psycho chick. No man wants a woman who is crazy and does not know when enough is enough. Give a man time and space to unwind.

A man can be seen as the equivalent of an old wind-up clock. When he is upset, give him time to unwind. Do not keep winding the clock until you bust the strings. You let it charge and discharge so the energy can balance itself out. The insecure woman often pushes her man beyond his limits because she fails to see how her behavior is affecting him. She only sees herself and her own desires. Unfortunately, her behavior leads to undesired results. It pushes her man further away, often into the arms of another eagerly-waiting woman. You know what they say: one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.

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Popping up at the Man of Your Dreams (MOYD’s) home unsuspected.

You are allowed one or two unexpected pop-ins per year. Three, four or five, and you are pushing it. At this point, whatever you find is what you deserve. You may eventually find another woman there. Do not be surprised. After all, it is what you have been looking for all along. You helped create the scenario that has now unfolded. This is because you have totally focused your energy on the negative, instead of the positive that brought you together with the MOYD in the first place. The insecure woman spends all of her time and energy fighting unnecessary battles instead of just realizing that there was something special about you that he loved. This is what the insecure woman needs to focus on and build on.

This article was originally published at How To Get The Man of Your Dreams . Reprinted with permission.
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