5 Sure Ways to Know if the Man You’re Dating is a User


5 Sure Ways to Know if the Man You’re Dating is a User
Being the victim of a user is a sad reality, but the sooner you recognize his traits the better.

A man who is a user is truly not interested in you–only what you can offer.  All his initial questions relate to your job, career and income status.  Do you have a car? What kind of car is it?  What year, make and model?  Do you have kids?  Who lives with you?  These are all probing questions a man with a user mentality will ask, in order to see where he can fit in and take advantage of you.

We have no respect for men who use women.  The unfortunate thing for these men is that they are often very talented themselves, but their own personal talents are over shadowed by their desire to use women.  It’s a sad and unfortunate reality.  It is okay for a man to look for an equally yoked or qualified partner, or someone who matches his own achievements, goals and desires.  But when you hear a man always talking about what material possessions a woman has, he is more into her stuff than he is into her.


1.  User mentality vs. a man seeking a qualified partner

There is a huge difference between a man with a user mentality and a man seeking a qualified partner.  The man seeking a qualified partner is more likely to have morals and boundaries.  The user will not only use you, but will try your friends and family, right down to your mother.  A user is not a man of class and maturity [http://www.howtogetthemanofyourdreams.com/datingadvice/sweet-16-signs-that-your-man-has-class-and-maturity/] who is ready for a balanced, mature and committed relationship.  He has no respect for you and only seeks to use what you have achieved to better himself.  He is a bottom-feeder, and if you are seeking a man truly committed to you, save yourself the trouble and leave this man wherever you found him.

2.  Unsafe for your children and pets

A man with a user mentality is unsafe for your children and pets because he really does not care about you, much less them.  This is a good time to really pay attention to what your kids think about him.  Ask your children, “what do you think?”  Children are blatantly honest and will see through the user’s act or facade.  Pets also will let you know if a person is good news or bad news, so use them as your sixth sense.  It is a safety issue, because a user knows no boundaries and is totally out for himself, which could lead to abuse and neglect.  Please don’t put your children or pets in this unnecessary situation.  You are better off by yourself.

3.  How do you recognize the user mentality?

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