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Roommate or Soulmate?

How do you define your relationship with your spouse or significant other? Could it be better? Let's begin by defining both terms: roommate and soulmate, and then you be the judge. A roommate is a person of convenience, a practical helper with ...

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The Roller Coaster Ride

I was talking with a friend recently at the Texas State Fair as we waited in line to ride the roller coaster. I asked a life-changing question..."How can someone truly love you and desire a future with you, but tell you consistently that you are a bad mate and pathetic parent and you need to change?" ...

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Cooking Together

Roommate or Soulmate?

Been married for years and feeling like a roommate? 5 Steps to a Stronger Relationship

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The Roller Coaster Ride

Choosing one to love is important, but choosing self-love is more critical when there's dysfunction.

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