3 Ways 'Twilight' Ruined My Dating Life


3 Ways 'Twilight' Ruined My Dating Life
How a single fictional vampire has ruined my faith in men.

When you find true love, you know it. Your eyes widen. Your breath catches. Your heart races. Your whole body recognizes this is the love you've been looking for your whole life. This was what I felt around page 37 of "Twilight." Laugh all you will, but after seeing what love can be, my dating life has been completely drained for several reasons:

  1. Men Don't Seek After Me: If Bella Swan can attract the attention of every male in a 50 mile radius, then I should be able to as well. Maybe my blood doesn't smell heavenly, but I am way better at volleyball than she is — those qualities should balance out. Yet boys are not dropping at my feet to ask if they can take me to lunch, let alone make me their eternal soul mate. What gives?
  2. Men Don't Put In Enough Effort: In the event one guy actually does pay me some mind, he doesn't try hard enough. Does he make sure I got home safely? Does he watch to make sure I sleep soundly? Does he keep me from getting hit by cars? No, nope and no chance. He doesn't even attempt to read my mind. Guys these days could learn a thing or two from Edward Cullen on how to treat a lady.
  3. Men Actually Want Me To Change: If I've learned anything from the "Twilight" series, it's that my lack of skills and self-esteem make me a highly desirable person just as I am. Yet guys are always like "Why are you so whiny?" or "Can you get over yourself?" It took Edward years of convincing to change Bella because he knew she was perfect — she had to beg him to change her! That's the kind of man I'm looking for.

So yes, my dating life has paled after learning what love can be, but I have faith I'll find the right man for me. I just hope it doesn't take a hundred years to do so.

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