The 10 Best Ways To Celebrate "Pleasure Your Mate Month"


The 10 Best Ways To Celebrate "Pleasure Your Mate Month"
Show your mate you really care this September with these tips!

September offers a lot of opportunities to celebrate. You've probably been waiting all year for "Hobbit Day" or "Hug a Greeting Card Writer Day", but it's important to remember September is also Pleasure Your Mate Month.

Yes, it really is. While that might seem like just another silly holi-month, this lengthy festivity was established to promote loving and showing appreciation of your mate. Life is often busy, and sometimes we forget to show the people we care about just how much we care. Use these 30 days to rekindle your romance and pleasure your partner. 

Here are some ideas how:

  1. Try something new: Interpret this one however you will. From heading out to that new restaurant to treading into new territory in the bedroom — a new experience will bring the two of you closer. Whether the actual experience is good or bad, you'll both have shared it, and that makes it worthwhile.
  2. Dance together: Don't underestimate the power of music. You can set the stereo and sway in your living room, or you can make your way downtown for a real dance floor. Bringing your bodies together will make things more intimate and moving together will remind you how well you two work as a team.
  3. Make a dish: Whether you decide to whip up breakfast in bed or craft their favorite dinner, your partner will definitely appreciate the thought you put into it. And if you're not the best chef, you can always buy them their favorite takeout — you know they'll love the taste and the fact they don't have to cook.
  4. Do something nice: Even though it's not their birthday or your anniversary, you can always do something nice. Maybe you tell them not to worry about the dishes, or you agree they can watch the many games on Sunday. Flowers and candy are also a pleasant surprise, as well as a reminder of your love.
  5. Rediscover kissingWhen was the last time you really kissed your partner? It's probably been awhile. Take a few hours to rediscover how it goes, and remind yourself how much you enjoy indulging in your lover's mouth. You'll both feel rejuvenated after the experience and even more into one another.
  6. Remember the past: Reminisce about the good times you've shared and maybe even the bad times you made it through and were stronger together. Talk about your first date, your first apartment, your first child and everything in between. You two have been through a lot, and it's worth remembering.
  7. Smell good: This isn't as much about personal hygiene habits — which are definitely important — as it is about putting in the extra effort for your partner. Wear that perfume or cologne they like, even if you normally save it for a special occasion. They're important enough to warrant some spritzes of the good stuff.
  8. Write a letter: Words are a powerful tool, and these are sentiments your partner can hold on to forever. It can be a note in the car that tells them to have a great day or a love letter that tells them all the reasons you like them. They'll feel appreciated when you tell them how you feel — even if they already know.
  9. Go out: When life gets crazy, dates can come to a standstill. Don't just sit on the couch. Take them out! Dinner and a movie are always a great combination, or you can take a weekend trip to the mountains. So long as you spend time together outside of your home, you can reignite the romance.
  10. Make love: This should be the obvious answer for how to pleasure your mate this month. Take your time, change things up (if you want) and enjoy one another's bodies. Nothing makes you appreciate another person like them touching you like no one else can — revisit this one several times this month.

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