Single Over 50? Why You Should Try Online Dating


Single Over 50? Why You Should Try Online Dating [EXPERT]
Millions of 50+ singles use online dating sites and you can too!

Singles over 50 are the fastest-growing group using online dating sites to find love. Searching for love in mid-life has predictable challenges. Let's examine these challenges and show you how to overcome them to find love after 50. 10 Signs You're A Bad Date

An AARP survey of single members seeking love revealed 3 common complaints:


For men, the top complaints were partners with a lot of baggage, women being too difficult to get along with, and women who want to get too serious too fast. Women had similar complaints about dating men who had a lot of baggage or wanted to get serious too fast. Women also complained they didn't have a clue where to find available men.

The desire to find great people to date, love and marry is inspiring single women and men over 50 to expand their dating horizons and search for love online. Nielsen researchers revealed that single seniors now account for 16.7 percent of all people who join the online dating pool. Before you dive in, let's make sure you know how to swim. How do you learn how to find love online? You prepare for this new adventure by learning new skills that produce the results you desire. 

As you enter your new world of online dating, you avoid dating minefields and find the love you desire and deserve when you learn how to:

  • Get rid of emotional baggage that blocks new love.
  • Create a winning profile that attracts your great love match.
  • Sort through mis-matches and find great people to date, love and marry.
  • Stop unconsciously sabotaging love and marriage.
  • Develop the resilient optimism you need to overcome challenges and experience great love.
  • Love by design instead of by chance.
  • Create a great relationship built to last.

How do you learn these new love skills?

You receive expert dating advice and exciting love skills as I guide your love quest in TribeOfSingles dating site — where great singles find great love in the world's first guided love quest. The Hidden Dangers Of Online Dating

How did I develop the first guided love quest?

By trial and error. After my long, happy marriage ended tragically, I still believed in great love, and I set out to find it online. I figured out how to sort through mis-matches and meet great men on three continents — not without disappointments. 

Then, I deleted these disappointments and improved the online dating experience when I created my dating site. How? No more blind dates. Since you meet in fun video chats, you get to know and like each other as you are today, before you decide to meet face-to-face in a public place. Dating To Find Love: Should You Do An Exit Interview?

No sorting through "players," since we've created a community of great singles who want to find their great love now. No more lonely searches for love, since you meet in social and sports activities and travel vacations with great singles on your love wavelength. No misrepresenting your age to get into dating searches, since we offer the world's first ageless love quest.

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