Top 10 New Year's Questions

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Take some time today or tomorrow to answer these questions to help you plan for the new year.

Here's my top 10 New Year's questions to ask yourself so you can make next year even better.

1. What did you learn about yourself from this past year?

2. Which relationship(s) meant the most to you this past year and why?

3. What was one of the biggest challenges you faced this past year and how did you handle it?

4. What was one of your proudest moments from this past year and why?

5. What was one of the most meaningful compliments you received this past year? Why was it so meaningful to you?

6. What did you do for fun this past year? What was one of your favorite memories?

7. If you could change one thing from this past year, what would you change and why?

8. What was the most meaningful thing someone did for you this past year? What was the most meaningful thing you did for someone else?

9. If you were to brag about one of your accomplishments from this past year, which one would it be and why?

10. Given all your experiences, insights, and lessons learned from last year, what’s the best advice you could give yourself for next year?

Happy New Year!


This article was originally published at Greg Giesen. Reprinted with permission from the author.


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