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I am a Life Coach, Tantric Healer and Author. My book, Seven Secrets of Sexual Savvy, An Erotic Journey through the Seven Energy Centers of the Body, is my first book and will be released soon. I have been writing articles, posting in my blog, speaking and teaching about sexual healing and sacred sexuality for several years.  My writing is from the perspective of a holistic sexual educator and healing facilitator with an expertise in Tantra.  I am a Reiki master and ordained minister through the World Reiki Association, I am a member of the World Association of Tantra Professionals, and a teacher listed with the San Diego Tantra Connection. Check out my professional website:

One of my latest engagements was on February 23, 2012.  I was invited to be one of three guest speakers by Sam Woodhouse, Artistic Director of the San Diego Repertory Theatre, for a provocative conversation about the big three: art, religion and sex, held at the Lyceum Theatre.  This was a fitting choice because of my expertise on the topic of sex and my experience that touches on all three subjects. 

My background expands the mind, body and spirit.  In addition to being an expert on Tantric sex, I am also an artist.  I feel my illustrations bring my book to life.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Painting & Illustration and a master’s degree in Art Therapy.  Before I began my practice as a Life Coach and Tantric healer, I worked for several years as an art therapist, then several more as a psychiatric case manger.  When I decided to change my focus to holistic health, I attended Body Mind College where I studied massage and holistic health.  I also studied the tantric arts via Tantra at Tahoe.

Although some of the concepts I embraces are “Eastern” in origin, I am an all American girl, currently residing in San Diego California.  I welcome a blend of wisdom from around the globe into my practice.  Concepts of spirituality, healing and medicine from India, China, Japan, Egypt and Native American culture as well as concepts from Western psychology, anatomy, physiology, and biology have all gone into my melting pot.  Out of this, an eclectic wisdom emerged that I refer to as “The Art of Touch”.

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Jeanetta Goddette

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