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Gloria MacDonald - Dating Coach, Matchmaker, Relationship Coach - Toronto, ON

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The desire for companionship and love are basic to our nature and fundamental to our well being. I believe that the "perfect partner" is out there for anyone who has a sincere ...

About Me

I am a matchmaker and the Founder and President of Perfect Partners Relationship Search Inc. I grew up on the East Coast of the US where I earned a Bachelor's degree from Boston University and a Master's degree from Lesley College in Boston. I am a dual citizen of Canada and the US. Toronto is the city that I love and where I make my home.

Prior to becoming a matchmaker, I spent over 12 years working at the executive level in the marketing industry, building highly effective teams and partnerships. My success was largely attributed to the fact that I am intuitive, perceptive, and easy to talk to. One of the reasons that I started Perfect Partners is that I have a real zest for life and am an incurable romantic. I have a positive, spiritual approach to life and believe that all things are possible.

Since 2003, when I launched Perfect Partners, I've interviewed hundreds and hundreds of single men and women and have introduced over 4,500 couples.

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

The decision to become a matchmaker was borne from personal experience. I'm sure that my story is not much different from many of yours. In my mid-forties, I found myself single again. I had spent 17 years of my adult life married. In the ensuing 3 ½ years since my divorce, my dating prospects were slim. In my business life, I met men regularly. But, they seemed to all be married. In fact, everyone I knew seemed to be married. All of these married people seemed to only know other married people. There were no single, eligible men on my radar screen.

Finally a friend suggested that I consider a dating service. My first reaction was probably much like yours. "No way! I couldn't do that!" My friend was very persistent and eventually I decided to call a dating service, but only for information. I checked out many services and eventually joined one.

As I went through various dating experiences, both with and without the use of a dating service, I became more and more convinced that there was a real need to help people find their "perfect partner". Speaking to friends, colleagues and acquaintances, I realized that I wasn't the only one who was in this situation. Every single person that I spoke to was feeling exactly the same way that I was.

The desire for companionship and love are basic to our nature and fundamental to our well being. I believe that the "perfect partner" is out there for anyone who has a sincere desire to find him/her.

My personal mission is to inspire, motivate and teach, thereby empowering millions to discover, build and grow living love in successful relationships.

I do believe that the "perfect partner" is out there for you - that unique match that feels like your favorite pair of old slippers, that special someone who fits like the piece of a puzzle. My goal is to help you find your special someone to share your laughter, joy, adventure and special moments with.

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