How to Attend a Wedding on a Budget


How to Attend a Wedding on a Budget
Creative ways you can save money and be a great guest!

By Mary Schwager, Consumer Watchdog for GALTime

First there's the wedding showers, then the Thursday pre-party, Friday rehearsal dinner and the main event. If you're "in" the production, there's the cost of your bridesmaid dress, your hair and make up. Ca-ching! Add in: Hotels, food, travel expenses. We surveyed the wedding pros and came up with these tips on how to save when it's NOT your big day !


Celebrity fashion stylist and commentator Colin McDonald suggests:
• If you're looking to get that designer dress but can't afford the price tag, I suggest such online websites as, and They offer their customers designer names at a fraction of the cost. A great way to get that runway look without having to break the bank!
• Want to get several different looks and save money? Why not choose a convertible style dress! A great way to change up your look without having to buy a lot of dresses. One dress - 10 different different styles! Just throw on some different shoes and accessories and noone will ever know you're wearing the same dress.
• Still want that designer look but don't want to buy? Why not rent! Websites like offer their customers designer name dresses for weekly rentals as low as $50. Rent two or three and you're all set!
• Designers and luxury brands are always having sample sales at the end of each season and are another great way to get the designer look and save money.
• Shopping off-season and past collections are great ways to get your dress without having to count your pennies.

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