A Guy's Rules About Dating Rules


A Guy's Rules About Dating Rules

By Robert Manni, Author of "THE GUYS' GUY'S GUIDE TO LOVE" for GalTime.com

Rule Number One: There is No Fight Club.


Let’s begin with that thought in mind.

In my opinion, there are no set rules when it comes to guys, gals and dating. I believe that women and men deserve respect as adults who can think for themselves. There are lots of books on this subject. Most of them written by women for women. Now don’t take this the wrong way. I respect everyone’s right to have an opinion and everyone’s right to buy a book on someone’s perspective about building successful relationships. And all of this is just one guy’s point of view. There’s one thing to consider though, most of the books about men are written by women. I’m more of a fan when the writers are accredited experts, psychologists or doctors of human behavior who address their subject matter from a purely objective perspective. But, we know that’s rarely the case. So many times, it’s ladies telling ladies what they need to know about men. There’s only one problem with that approach. They’re not men and as we know, it’s not easy to crawl inside the head of the opposite sex.



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How Guys Roll

For better or for worse, when it comes to love, most men wing it. Sorry ladies, but that’s how most guys dive into the dating pool. With a nod to today’s technology, a guy sees a woman he likes and strikes up a conversation. From there, it’s on. Sometimes things work out, many times they don’t.

When it does not work out, the guy brushes himself off and starts the process again. Of course men need to be more circumspect about what happened and what they might do differently before jumping back into the dating pool. But we know that they don’t always do this. It’s one of the reasons I write my blog and at times take guys to task. If a guy made a mistake, it usually has something to do with his not paying attention. Guys are not very good at that and we usually don’t tell each other how to date. Most men do their own thing and don’t over-think what comes natural. Sure, guys need to evolve and do a better job of being aware of a woman’s emotional and physical needs, but I doubt women want men to enter into a state of paralysis through analysis where they become afraid to make a move. A bit more thoughtfulness will help, though.

Women’s Rules About Guys

I’ve read the most popular books on this subject and found them well-intended and well-written with some excellent tips for ladies about how to steer a relationship. Bravo. ,

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