5 Movies Guys Say they Love... Just to Hook Up


5 Movies Guys Say they Love... Just to Hook Up
Can you believe that guys pretend to love these movies? We can. Read on for more!

By Dudeologist - Founder/CEO StraightMaleFriend.com, Marcus Osborne, for GalTime.com

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Comedian Dave Chappelle once summed up the male-female dynamic perfectly with one line: "Men like nice cars because women like men with nice cars."

Absolutely, positively true. Virtually everything a guy does is somehow directly or indirectly meant to appeal to women. If one day it was proven that women were most attracted to men with one arm, I’d expect there to be a shocking rise in emergency room visits by guys who’ve “accidently” lost the ability to play patty-cake.

Guys are constantly trying to impress women. One of the subtle ways we attempt to influence women’s opinions of us is though pop culture habits like movie choices, particularly during the initial courtship stage. It’s not necessarily a red flag if a guy says that he loves “The Notebook,” but that confession should make you turn your head and think, “Hmmm…this guy might just be trying to get in my pants.” Here are some of the film titles that should make you say “Hmmm..” if a guy pronounces his cinematic love for them.



1. “The Notebook” – This is the ultimate chick flick. Most guys can’t sit through it without tossing their cookies. Sure Rachel Mcadams is gorgeous and Ryan Gosling is the current Hollywood “it” guy, but the soapy, Lifetime original movie feel and the uber-cheeserific dialogue normally act as a repellent to guys. If he tells you he loves it, he’s likely trying to show you how sensitive he is… while trying to take off your top.

2. “Pretty Woman” – A film that has probably been the single greatest set back to male/female relationships. The fairytale of essentially having some rich dude sweep in and take care of some woman financially-- AND have the added bonus of being as good-looking and sensitive as Richard Gere--- is setting the bar ridiculously high for generations of men to follow. The truth? A guy that rich and pretty won’t need to be trolling the streets for call girls and falling in love. And if you don’t look like Julia Roberts you can forget about him looking your way. But women love it, so….

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