20 Ways To Trim Your Wedding Budget


20 Ways To Trim Your Wedding Budget
Discover how to make your wedding affordable AND beautiful.

By Josie Daga

Just because you’re heads over heels about in love doesn’t mean you can't keep your common sense while planning the happiest day of your life.


According to The Wedding Report, the average cost of a wedding in 2011 was $25,631-- that’s a whopping $85.44 a minute for a five-hour long wedding. In this tough economy, there are smart ways for brides–to-be to trim the wedding budget without sacrificing style. In fact, the biggest waste of money is spending on anything that is not really important to you and your groom. Anything that isn't meaningful to you really isn't necessary.

1. Use flowers in key areas only (like the altar or place where you will say your vows). This is where all of your guest’s eyes will be, and where the majority of your photographs will be taken. Make this area a pretty focal point, and skip the blooms elsewhere.

2. Have your florist create hand-tied bouquets for you and your bridesmaids. They are less expensive than wired ones (because they take less time to create) and are every bit as pretty.

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3. Use your wedding party flowers again at your reception. Bouquets look gorgeous surrounding your cake and they can make amazing centerpieces at your head table.

Food and Beverage Costs

4. Butler passed hor d’oeuvres can actually be less expensive than buffet style (because guests tend to eat less of them). Ask your caterer about your options.

5. Create a signature drink (made with non-premium alcohol) to save on bar costs. Give the drink a personalized name to make it fun and all about the two of you.

6. Reduce your cocktail hour by 15-20 minutes. None of your guests will notice. And your bar bill will be less.

Flowers, Centerpieces and Tables

7. Use fewer, larger tables to reduce the number of centerpieces and linen rentals required. Create tables of 10 or 12 instead of 8. (Be sure to use larger tables that guests aren’t crowded).

8. Make/rent table runners instead of fancy tablecloths – they are just as impactful and less expensive than full linens.

9. Instead of printing individual menus, create one large menu and place it by your entrance or escort cards.

10. Give your florist a long list of flowers you love and those you don’t. Then give him/her flexibility to use the most cost effective/ seasonal flowers from your list.

11. Consider less expensive flowers like carnations, baby’s breath or gladiolas. These blooms tend to be 1/3 the cost of roses and look very dramatic and impactful when used in large monochromatic arrangements.

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12. Buy your own vases from places like Pier1 or Ikea. They can be less expensive than what your florist carries.

13. Go for simpler arrangements vs. elaborate ones. Less timing consuming for your florist = less cost.

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