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You love your partner and you want to make your relationship work. You don’t want to settle for just OK, you want a passionate, intimate and fulfilling connection! Yet, you are not sure what you can do to make that happen... Of course you don’t, no one has handed you the recipe book for relationship success. Many people think that relationship should be easy and come naturally and are surprised when things don’t go so well. But, why would it? Having a relationship in which you are passionate lovers, best friends and a great team is not an easy task.

Years ago I was working in the tech industry and didn’t know much about relationships. At a certain point, when my wife and I were going through hard times I decided to seek help and learn about being in a relationship. That experience inspired me so much that I decided to become a marriage counselor and dedicate my work for helping couples create thriving relationships. 

You CAN have a loving, passionate, intimate relationship. It can also be easy and seamless. But usually it takes some effort to get there (and anyone who is telling you otherwise is…). Want to know how? Read our free report - 4 foundations of successful relationship. Having a repeated issue with your partner? Don’t wait until it’s too late contact one of our counselors in San Francisco, Berkeley or Palo Alto for a free consultation.

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

When I was about thirteen years old I experienced an episode of social isolation, where many of my friends suddenly turned their back on me. Overnight I became isolated and felt lonely and humiliated.

In the coming years I kept searching for a way to understand what happened. I became fascinated with personal growth and passionate about understanding relationships. I kept wondering, what creates connection and relationships? What is my potential? 

In my search for answers I was trained in life coaching, studied Social Psychology and Counseling Psychology, meditated and learned eastern meditation and western philosophy. Following my heart's desire, I also changed my career twice from marketing to management consulting and finally to coaching and psychotherapy. 

Most important, I got support from a skilled therapist and met a woman that later became my wife, and was inspired and transformed by our relationship. Today, I bring all this knowledge and experiences into my work with clients.

I know how hard it is to ask for help, and how frustrating it can be to feel like you are not living the life you want. I'd love to help.

Gal Szekely

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Gal Szekely

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