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12 Dates Of Christmas


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How will you stay warm this winter?
Try these 12 holiday-inspired date ideas with your special someone!

The holiday season won't last long. If you blink, you just might miss it. Here's a list of twelve, great dates to enjoy the holiday cheer. No turtle doves or partridge-in-a-pear tree required.

1. See "The Nutcraker." It's tried. It's true. Nothing says holidays like the Nutcracker. And nothing goes better with nut, than cheese and wine. After the show, stop at a wine bar for a nightcap!

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2. Go ice skating. Find a local rink and lace up those skates. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and take a spin on the ice. Whether it's your first time on blades or you are a budding Olympian, this is a fun way to let your hair down. And if you happen to fall, isn't a nice to have someone to lend you a hand to get back up. 

3. Enjoy a night at the museum. Check out an exhibit or two at your local museum. There's something romantic and cozy about being in a museum after dark. Most museums have cafes or one nearby. Afterwards, have a cup of coffee and engage in a bit of conversation. 

4. Try a fire-side chat. Find a local lodge or tavern and warm the bones by the fireplace. Sipping hot toddies by a toasty fire is enough to get you in the holiday mood and maybe a little bit more. 

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5. Do a drive-by viewing. Almost every town has the crazy Griswold house. Take a drive through a Christmas light park or neighborhood and ooh and awe at the visual displays. Play Christmas music in the car for a nice background effect. Looking at all the lights may create the spark you are looking to ignite. Continue reading.

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