Frequently Asked Questions About YourTango Experts

What is YourTango Experts?

It all started in 2004 with a print magazine that finally gave women what they were craving...

Insightful, intelligent content about relationships, all in one place. Sure, other sites wrote about relationships, but no one had ever done it so thoughtfully, with smart, provocative, inspirational articles that real women could relate to. Over the years the brand evolved into an online resource for women, devoted entirely to love, life and relationships. Today YourTango is a dynamic community of 13+ million monthly readers who are all actively seeking to create the best life (and lovelife) they can.

If you consider yourself an expert in love, life, dating, marriage and relationships, and you’ve been looking for new ways to promote yourself, your message, your books or your practice, YourTango Experts IS the place to be. Curious how it works? Take a look at our FAQs below...

  1. How do we help Experts?

    With the launch of YourTango Experts, we now connect helping professionals of all kinds with our 13+ million monthly readers; readers who are looking for advice on how to live their best lives and create exceptional relationships. While the content on our site promotes the development and creation of healthy relationships, our experts also write on topics that intersect with our love lives.

    Topics like: dating, marriage, couplehood, relationship challenges, divorce, communication, sex & intimacy, self-care, self-development, health, wellness, careers, money, marital discord, mediation, parenting, mental health, social services, addiction, trauma, healing, bodywork, friendships, aging, fertility/adoption, diet, beauty and more.

  2. What are our members saying about their membership?

    Take a look!

  3. What type of “helping professionals” can join as one of our Experts?

    Currently we are listing professionals in the following categories: Authors, Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, Social Workers, Life Coaches, Dating & Relationship Coaches, Divorce & Recovery Coaches, Matchmakers, Marriage Educators, Hypnotherapists, Image Consultants, Helping & Healing Professionals, Mediators, Naturopathic Doctors, Sex Counselors & Educators, Health & Wellness Experts, & Faith-Based Educators and Counselors.

  4. What are the benefits of membership?

    The benefits of being a member with YourTango Expers is vast. All of our members are listed in our directory, accessible on all pages across the website to help potential clients connect with help easily and successfully.  Members are create a profile on the site that acts as a mini-website on YourTango complete with contact information, link to your main website and a hub for content and articles published on YourTango.  Additionally, all of our members are enrolled in a "business course" to help them make the most of their membership and to teach the business skills that are necessary to be successful online.

    Finally, with this training under their belts, members are invited (and encouraged) to publish unlimited content on YourTango.  We provide a list of weekly "hot topics" to help keep members connected to content our editors plan to promote. Experts are invited to write articles on these topics and include links in each article to their main website to help drive new traffic to their site.    

    Members can get as "involved" on our site as they like; some publish content regularly and others let clients find them through our directory. Often people attend our weekly course and then decide what level they want to be involved in. 

  5. What type of “Helping Professionals” can participate in YourTango Experts?

    Currently we are listing Pros in the following categories: Counselors/Therapists/Social Workers, Dating/Relationship/Sex/Life/Divorce/Health Wellness Coaches, Marriage/Relationship Educators, Psychiatrists/MDs, Psychologists, Match Makers, Authors  & Rabbi/Clergy/Faith-Based Counselors.

  6. What’s the best way to reach customer service?  

    The best way to reach customer service is to send an email to Tina, our customer service guru at  Our business hours are Monday-Friday (normal business hours) and we’re known to respond to emails at all hours.  We are committed to answering any questions you have so we will certainly do our best to get back to you very quickly.

  7. What are the benefits of an advanced membership?

    The benefits of the Advanced Membership are that the advanced member will have at their fingertips marketing tools to easily locate and identify clients who are seeking help.  We seamlessly add to the advanced members profile a page where they can locate in one click all of the people seeking help. Details of Advanced Member benefits are located here.

  8. What if I’m already listed in another directory service?

    Listing in multiple places is a smart, savvy business idea.  It brings your practice to numerous audiences and diversifies your marketing outreach.  We recommend that you take advantage of as many marketing avenues as you can.  Each one offers you an opportunity to build your practice and further your business goals.  Just keep in mind that as your practice grows, your marketing objectives will change.  One genuine benefit of listing on YourTango Experts is that we’re a very diverse service and we offer marketing tools for people seeking clients, selling their own goods and more.

  9. How will clients find me on YourTango Experts?

    Clients can find you in a myriad of ways including: searching for you by name, location, profession, credentials, fee structure, remote services and more. They can also find you by reading content you have posted. In each piece you post you will have a byline and a signature; both of which link back your YourTango Experts profile.

  10. How much does it cost?

    Membership ranges from $44.95 per month to $360 for a year, which is a savings of $180 off the standard monthly rate.

  11. What are the membership terms?

    We offer month-to-month and annual rates. You can receive discounts, currently we're offering $180 off when you buy a 12-month package.  For details and offers, go here.

  12. What credit cards do you accept?

    We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Paypal payments.

  13. Can I show a photo of myself?

    Absolutely, in fact it's a mandatory field when you register. Adding your photo is one step in the process and you can change or update your photo as often as you like.  Be sure to limit the size of your image to less than 100 kilobytes.  If you have any difficulty with the process, just send an email to us and we'll be happy to help.

  14. How can I submit an article written by me to YourTango?

    The simplest way is by logging on to your account and clicking "Write a Post" in the upper right hand corner. All content that you create is posted on our Expert Blog and on your profile.  You can also log into your YourTango Experts account and click the "My Tools" link and there you'll find a block on the right side called “Share Stories, Content & News”.  Simply click on "Submit new content here" and follow the instructions.   

  15. What’s the minimum amount of information required for my profile to be listed as ‘live’?

    After you register, the Step 1 tab on your 'edit profile' page is that only information that is “required” for your listing to show as “live” on the YourTango Experts site.  This includes items such as basic demographics (name, address etc.)  licensure, email, basic payment info, credentials, signature and more.  On average, this page takes users approximately 15 minutes to complete and can be edited at any time. 

  16. How long does a complete profile take to post?

    On average, it can take 45 minutes to 90 minutes to complete their profile if they have to create everything from scratch.  Many Experts already have bios and they can simply cut and paste those documents into their profile which saves significant time.  Just remember, your profile can be edited as often as you like so if you need to work on it in blocks that’s perfectly OK.  

  17. Can you add another helping orientation, specialty or organization to the lists?

    Yes, absolutely. If you have one you’d like us to list, please let us know by sending an email to with your request.

  18. How do I view my profile?

    To view your profile, log in to your YourTango Experts account and you will be automatically directed to your administration/My Tools page.  In the upper left section is a link to “view profile”.  Click that and you can see how your profile looks live on the site.  You may also view your profile from any of the "edit your profile" pages by clicking the "View Profile" link on the left hand side of the page.

  19. How do I edit my profile?

    To edit your profile, log in to your YourTango Experts account and you will be automatically directed to your administration/My Tools page.  In the upper left section is a link to “edit profile”.  Click that and you can select the page you want to edit from the navigation on the left side or by clicking “edit profile” above your name.

  20. How do I manage my email?

    To manage your email, log in to your YourTango Experts account and you will be automatically directed to your administration/My Tools page.  In the upper left section is a link to your “inbox, click that and you’ll be redirected to your email.  You can also view your inbox by looking down the page also on the left and your 5 most recent emails will show there.  

  21. How will I know I receive email?

    When an email of any kind is sent to you via the YourTango Experts mail options (email, free consultations if you are an advanced member, responses to questions etc.) we will notify you by sending an email to your personal account.  This is the personal email address is the same one that was used to register with YourTango Experts.  

    All YourTango Experts email is handled securely and very similarly to how Facebook processes emails/notifications.  When we get an email for you, we send you an alert notifying you of that email.  Included will be the first few lines of text as well as a link to click back to the YourTango Experts site and read the rest of the information. 

    As you can imagine, it’s important that you keep your personal email address updated in your YourTango Experts account so we can alert you to any clients who are seeking your help.  As a security feature, all email is handled this way with no exceptions.

  22. What do I do if I lost or forgot my password?

    In the upper right hand section of the page is a link to sign in to your YourTango Experts account.  There is also a link to recover your password.  Just click that link and complete the information in the corresponding page. 

  23. Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership level?

    Yes.  Please send us an email to and we would be happy to assist you.

  24. What if my field doesn’t require a license?

    Then just simply select the option in the drop-down menu that says that you don’t have a license.

  25. How do I cancel membership?

    Send a request to