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Dating Websites: Why They Work

Why Online Dating Works: A Rebuttal

Online dating is flawed. But if you're 30+, busy, and rarely date, it's the best medium you've got.

Dating Tips for Beginning a Relationship Online

Online Dating? Make Sure You're On The Same Page

It's possible to find love online! Lead with confidence and watch the requests roll in.

two white sheep in a room

Why You Should Date Your Complement, Not Your Clone

Compatibility should come before common assets and interests.

wine at home

Why Would He Never Ask Me Out Again When We Had Chemistry?

On the first page of my book, “Why He Disappeared,” I tell a story of my first ...

How Do You Let Someone Know You Don’t Want A Second Date?

How Do You Let Someone Know You Don’t Want A Second Date?

To tackle the dilemma of how to let someone know you’re not interested in a second ...

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