How Do You Let Someone Know You Don’t Want A Second Date?


How Do You Let Someone Know You Don’t Want A Second Date?

To tackle the dilemma of how to let someone know you’re not interested in a second date, I decided to get all Elizabeth Barrett Browning on you:

How do I blow off thee? Let me count the ways.


I blow off thee for weight and height.

For claims of age that don’t seem right.

For lack of chemistry and failure to praise.

I blow off thee any number of ways.

For photos proffered and deleted on sight.

For writing clichés, so hackneyed and trite.

I blow off thee quickly, at a wrong turn of phrase.

I blow off thee quietly, never meeting your gaze.

By hiding after saying, “I’ll talk to you soon."

By calling during thy lunch break at noon.

I blow off thee after our very first date.

‘Fore your habits on my nerves ever should grate.

I blow off thee to show you who’s boss.

Then why do I sense it is I that has lost?

Yeah, it’s a little melancholy, but all the great poets of the 1800’s had a light case of the blues, as well. So how do you tell someone that it’s the lack of chemistry that’s the reason for blowing someone off?

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