5 Tips For Better Sleep and Sex


5 Tips For Better Sleep and Sex
Eric Amaranth, sex life coach, also advises on wellness impacting your sex life. This one on sleep.

As indicated in my blogger tagline, wellness is also a topic I cover from time to time and discuss in greater depth with my sex life coaching clients. This post is about an all natural powdered sleep aid (mix it up in water) I found through www.drdavidwilliams.com. I have a male client with sleep issues and for him at least, it changed his life. I also list below my research and current understandings of easy ways to improve our sleep. Better sleep for better sex.

Dr. David Williams is one of the best alternative doctors with a product line out there who my mentor, Betty Dodson, also likes. She takes his Joint Advantage product. Williams does for alternative healing products what I do for sex. He formulates his own things or recommends things that are great from other sources. To describe further how he's impressed me, he puts out a newsletter which I subscribe to that detailed instructions and recommendations for, in his how-to rendering, wives to give prostate milking massages to their husbands to reduce prostate cancer.


Anyway, the name of the product is ZenBev. It has a tryptophan in it. It's the chem that makes you drowsy and keeps you asleep. Tryptophan is the chem in turkey that puts us out, by the way. It gets converted into Melatonin and is the chem that your body makes when it's time for bed. What I learned after some online research and ZenBev product info was your eyes play a role in helping your brain to know, in addition to natural internal clocks, when it's nighttime. This happens by the amount of light entering the eye. If you were a forest dweller/caveperson, you'd go to sleep when it's dark and wake when it's light. This synergy with the eyes and the brain's melatonin production is another reason why light sources, sunlight or otherwise, even behind closed eyelids, will wake people up earlier than they'd like. Light comes in, it must be time to wake up, so melatonin production is decreased and up you wake.

What I've been doing to maximize sleep quality is:

1.) Go to bed earlier and wake earlier. I plan on being in bed by 11 or 11:30, midnight at the latest. There are claims that there are particular systems in your body that need you to be asleep between whatever bio-clock equivalent of 11pm and 1am for feeling as energized as possible. This isnt a time zone thing or a daylight savings time thing. This is calculated by your body by how many hours you've been awake.

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