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Are you feeling set adrift by recent changes in your life?  Unable to move forward on a new path?  Do you want to feel more excited about the way your life is going?  Are you looking to gain greater understanding of who you are and where you are going?

How about your relationships?  Have you been feeling disconnected from your partner?  Would you like to feel increased intimacy and deeper connection? 

It is possible to work toward living your best life, having your best relationship and reaching your highest potential.  Working with me clients have been able to feel more empowered, understand their needs and move toward meeting them.  Couples clients have been able to increase intimacy, and deepen their connections to each other.

You have amazing potential.  Working together we can help you overcome the obstacles standing in the way of your reaching it. 

Therapy is a safe place to explore what is going on in your relationship or inside yourself.  You don't have to be in crisis to contact me.  You can work with me for your personal growth (as well as a crisis).  You and your partner might also benefit from a relationship reboot, enhancing and strengthening what is already good between you but what might need a refresh. If you are feeling disconnected therapy is a good place to work on why you might feel disconnected and to learn how to recreate the connection.


The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

I entered the mental health field because I had the privilege of experiencing the immense benefits that come from receiving good therapy, from a good therapist, at the right time.  This profession is more than a profession for me.  It is a true calling.

I have a passion for helping others reach their full potential, individually and in relationship.  I am accepting, open-minded and open-hearted. To know more read this.

Emy Tafelski

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Emy Tafelski

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