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Do you know how to be happy?

When we're growing up our parents try to teach us how to be happy. "Get good grades so you can get a good job...be pleasant and friendly....make a lot of money....be beautiful so you can attract a great spouse or partner...be great at sports" are the types of messages we get.  As we mature we ...

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They Fight For Our Country: Their Mental Health Matters!

The tragic shootings at Fort Hood put the media spotlight, once again, on mental health issues. The shooter may not have left sufficient clues around to his mental state, but clearly this was a very disturbed person who took the lives of three others as well as himself and injured many more. There have been ...

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Time for a Break from Internet Dating?

I'm a great supporter of internet dating. It is the single most effective way to find someone but are there times when it becomes too much? Absolutely! SIGNS THAT YOU NEED A BREAK FROM ONLINE DATING 1) Are you constantly checking your sites to see if you've heard from someone new and ...

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How do you Feel About Valentine's Day

Will this Valentine’s Day be a happy one for you?  It seems to me that holiday pressure keeps mounting and I’m not sure why.  Perhaps as American families become more fractured through divorce and increased geographic distance intimate family celebrations and ritual become less common and ...

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How To Be Your Sexiest

What does it really mean to be sexy? This sounds like a straightforward question, but it is actually very complicated. To answer it correctly, you have to know if you are interested in finding out how to be sexy for yourself or how to be sexy for your partner. Being sexy isn't all about lingerie and ...

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Party Time

Do you know how to be happy?

What is it that will make you happy? There is no one formula that suits all but self-knowledge helps


They Fight For Our Country: Their Mental Health Matters!

Depression, anxiety and stress occur everywhere. What's making things worse for our military?

Computer Problems

Time for a Break from Internet Dating?

The internet is a great place to meet people and to try to find romance. But maybe you need a break.

So In Love

How do you Feel About Valentine's Day

Love is in the air. Or that's what the media is pushing. How do you feel on Valentine's day.

Relationship Expert Advice: How To Feel Sexy

How To Be Your Sexiest

What makes you truly feel sexy? It may be easier than you think!

Dr Robin Goldstein

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