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My Holiday Gift To Men Everywhere

Dear wives and girlfriends, This fun and festive holiday season brings much promise. There will be parties, celebrations, and gift exchanges. Colorful trees, sweet and familiar melodies, and delicious food. It is a time to reconnect with family, friends, and that which is deeply meaningful. Beyond all of ...

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True Love & The Bachelorette: Is This For Real?

Come on, admit it. You watched it; I know you did. This confession comes out in the privacy of my therapy office more than you can imagine. On Monday night you, along with so many others, curled up in front of the TV, grateful to have survived another Monday, and, popcorn in hand, watched the gut-wrenching saga ...

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How To Save Your Marriage: 7 Tips To Succeed At Counseling

Another relationship bites the dust. It's an occupational hazard for a couples counselor, but still, it's always sad. Despite my best efforts to help people negotiate the choppy waters of relationship distress, many of them simply don't make ...

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Put On Your Rose-Colored Glasses

Save Valentine's Day By Putting On Your Rosé-Colored Glasses                                     By Dr. Bonnie Ray Kennan, ...

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Do You Debate Like Romney & Obama?

I would love to be a fly on the wall when Democratic strategist James Carville and his Republican commentator wife, Mary Matalin end their day. No, I am not talking about their sex life. I'm curious about their fighting style. They must have figured out how to "fight" in a very different way at ...

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Dr. Bonnie Ray Kennan

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Couples/Marital Issues

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Personality Disorders



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10 years +

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Dating Coach

Divorce Coach

Family Coach

Marriage and Family Therapist

Marriage Educator

Relationship Coach

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Expiration 12/31/14
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Articles by Dr. Bonnie Ray Kennan
happy couple

My Holiday Gift To Men Everywhere

A letter to your wives and girlfriends.

True Love & The Bachelorette: Is This For Real?

True Love & The Bachelorette: Is This For Real?

Is it possible to fall in love immediately after a heartbreak? One expert weighs in.

How To Save Your Marriage: Tips To Succeed At Couples Counseling

How To Save Your Marriage: 7 Tips To Succeed At Counseling

Ask yourself: What are you willing to do to salvage your relationship?

Candy Hearts

Put On Your Rose-Colored Glasses

Improve your relationship immediately by making generous, loving, assumptions about your partner.

Do You Debate Like Romney & Obama? [EXPERT]

Do You Debate Like Romney & Obama?

3 ways you and your significant other can avoid the same pitfalls as the presidential candidates.

Dr. Bonnie Ray Kennan

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