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Do you frequently experience déjà vu in your relationships? Are you dating the “same person” you divorced five years ago? When you interact with friends do you feel like you are talking to your mother? Perhaps you hear yourself saying “I can’t live with people and I can’t live without them!” Worse yet, do you find that you are living without them? Are your significant relationships chaotic and draining?

Relationship stress can cause anxiety, depression, and other painful conditions. Interpersonal stress comes from a variety of sources, not just your spouse or immediate family. It can come when your critical mother-in-law arrives for a visit, your demanding boss dumps a big project on your desk five minutes before closing time, or your “best friend” flakes out on you one more time because she has a date. Or, how about when your nosy neighbor “wonders” about your teenager’s friends, your gossipy co-workers try to pull you into the latest office drama, or your kid’s clueless school teacher seems to have a hearing problem. People stress adds up, and can be overwhelming.

I am a doctoral level licensed Marriage & Family therapists. I am deeply committed to supporting my clients as they build satisfying relationships. I offer guidance in building a healthy balance of autonomy and intimacy.

My goal is to assist you in the delicate work of relationship repair. Clients will:

  • build awareness of themselves in relationships,
  • learn specific and concrete self-management skills, and
  • Master interpersonal and communication skills.

Relationships are challenging, but necessary for personal growth. Human beings can only grow, heal, and change in relationships. Emotional maturity is not possible in isolation. We provide counseling and instruction within a supportive environment that encourages conscious and compassionate relationships.

I have a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from California Graduate Institute, a Master’s Degree in Marital and Family Therapy from Phillips Graduate Institute, and a B.A. from Brigham Young University in Theater Arts and Speech Education.

Dr. Bonnie Ray Kennan

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Dr. Bonnie Ray Kennan

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Dr. Bonnie Ray Kennan

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