How to Date & Meet The Man Of Your Dreams


How to Date & Meet The Man Of Your Dreams
There are a million men in the world that could be a great “fit” for you.

There are a million men in the world that could be a great “fit” for you. Dating online gives you the opportunity to choose a partner who is truly the right “fit” for you. All you need to do is choose one of them. Follow these four simple steps.

Step # 1: Love Yourself


Your first step is to love yourself and love your life. You have to believe in love and believe you are worthy of love. Make a list of all the qualities that you love about yourself and the things that you love to do. The list will remind you of all the things that are phenomenal about you and if you want to do online dating, it will help you put together a profile that is authentic and demonstrates your best qualities. Then, treat yourself with the love and respect that you deserve. Make yourself your priority. Spend time “dating yourself” and doing the things that you love. Do whatever it takes for you to feel good about yourself. When you are happy and you truly love yourself, you will radiate a positive energy that is magnetically attractive. If you truly love yourself, you will attract a partner who truly loves you.

Step # 2: Get Clear about the Type of Relationship You Want

Your next step is to get 100% clear about the kind of relationship that you want, the qualities your partner will possess and how you want to feel in the relationship. Make a detailed list of 100 qualities you want in a partner. Get very specific about how you and your partner will “fit” together. You do need to specify exactly what you want in a very detailed way. Don’t leave anything out. It is not about finding a person with a sense of humor; it is about finding a person who shares your sense of humor. Then, prioritize your list. Get clear about the top 10 qualities that are most important to you. These are your “non-negotiables”. And you have to be really honest with yourself about what you don’t want. Identify 5-10 qualities or life circumstances that you do not want. You have to identify your “deal breakers“ and you have to believe in yourself enough to walk away from a potential date that has one of your “deal breakers”. You are looking for a person who can really share your life with you. You are looking for a genuine good “fit” between two people. You are not trying to make yourself fit into someone else’s life.

Step 3: Date and Have Fun

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