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As you think of choosing a marriage counselor, you probably are wanting to know more than just credentials.  You want to know something about the person of the therapist. 

First let me say, that I derive enormous satisfaction in helping you discover the missing ingredients to building the relationship that you have been hoping for.  In late childhood, I would read the "Can This Marriage Be Saved Column" in the Ladies Home Journal.  Now as a seasoned  licensed marriage counselor, I have had several of the couples that I have worked with, featured in that column with my comments at the end.

In my work with you, I will help you name the things that are important to you and articulate them in ways that do not blame or lead to distance.  I will help you reduce the fighting and find win-win solutions. 


I would enjoy helping you be supporters to each other in times of crisis and times worthy of celebration. If one of you is  in a mid-life crisis,  I will help you discover where your lost your bearings and help the two of you support each other finding individual fulfillment and living out your values. 

 As the President of the Metro Chapter of the New York City Marriage and Family Therapists, I have committed myself to taking leadership in organization that is made up of the "go-to" professionals for strengthening relationships. 



The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

When my roommate at Davidson, considered suicide, I realized I did not have the tools to help him embrace life. I have always had a desire to help people. So when the opportunity opened up as I finished my first round of graduate school at Princeton Seminary I became interested in learning the listening skills that would allow me to express my compassionate nature.

I wanted to work with people who were ready to grow as well as find new meaning and purpose.  I enjoyed inviting people to feel comfortable in disclosing their deepest issues.  My goal is to help you find the blocks that keep you from becoming all that you can be.

As I began to specialize I found that I particularly enjoy working with couples. I love the challenge of helping two people find their way out of being stuck to rekindle the love that brought them together.

While most people come in at a time when they are stuck and either anger or distancing permeates your relationship want to help you build a vibrant relationship with the person with whom you fell in love. If you are depressed or feeling a loss of meaning, our work together could free you to become all that you can be.

I want to help you find new tools and skills to become all that you can be. Whether in your relationship or your approach to life. You can discover how to live your life to its fullest and continue to grow to find purpose and joy.

You may be looking to develop your communication skills. Managing the fighting may be a challenge for you. Or you may yearn to negotiate more effectively, or to be comfortable in a deep and intimate relationship. I will seek to help you discover the blocks that keep you from creating a relationship to last a lifetime.

Over time I began to work particularly with couples who had just discovered that one partner has been involved in an extramarital affair. If you happen to be struggling with this issue? The good news is, if you want to there is a good chance we can work together to rebuild your relationship or marriage

Dr. Jim Walkup LMFT

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