Lessons In Love From New Film 'Silver Linings Playbook'


Lessons In Love From New Film 'Silver Linings Playbook'
Learn about the silver linings of love.

When my husband and I walked out of the SAG screening of Silver Linings Playbook last Monday he said, "This movie is about love." He also said he could relate to Bradley Cooper's part. Whatever the emotional struggle men have in the world, this movie exemplified them. For some men, dealing with feelings is simply foreign territory and overwhelming. Last night in our Soho neighborhood in New York City, a building was destroyed by fire in a dispute between a man and his wife. He set fire to the building.

The man had been unemployed for six months, they have a child, and people said they seemed like a "normal" family. One person died in the blaze. The events in Silver Lining Playbook were also dramatic, yet the director did a beautiful job of interlacing the humor in the situations and the characters (And no one was killed as a result of realtionship drama in the film).

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Bradley Cooper spoke in the Q and A about the rhythm of the movie. Dance was a component of it as part of his healing and transformation to a more "normal" life from the extreme of having been hospitalized for psychiatric problems. Life is really a thread of movement where people can go over the edge without realizing it.

Cooper spoke about the whole movie as musical in its movement. Both he and Deniro spoke of the spontaneity of film and this film in particular, where the director had the camera circling them in many of the scenes. The relationship we have with our parents, the traits we get from our parents also play a role in who we are in relationships. This was brought to light in this film, in the dance in relationship between all of the characters, whether romantic, family or friendship.

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