Ignore The Calorie Count! Shocking Tips For (Healthy!) Eating Out


Ignore The Calorie Count! Shocking Tips For (Healthy!) Eating Out
Are you afraid to eat out because of the temptation to cheat on your diet?

Lately, restaurants have been great at providing calorie counts for their dishes. However, most dishes contain empty calories. You need to get the most nutritional options and sometimes, that does not mean the lower calorie option. That is why it is best to ignore the calorie count and use these tips to for eating out. 

Here are nine tips that will help you have a fun night on the town and still stick to your diet. 

  1. Forgo Fried Foods. When you are eating out, you should forget all fried foods. This includes fried chicken, fried pickles and other fried options. Fried foods change your body composition. When you eat fried foods, you are clogging your arteries, teaching your body to store fat as fat and slowing your metabolism. The goal to any good diet is to teach your body to use fat as fuel and not to store it for later use. Always pick sautéed, grilled, seared, steamed, broiled or baked foods. Food prepared this way is 100% safe for any diet!
  2. Double Your Vegetables. Starchy side dishes such as white potatoes and rice can spike your glycemic index and your blood sugar level. If you have a meal that comes with two sides, always get two different vegetables. If you want a potato, get a sweet potato instead of a white one. Sweet potatoes have a lower glycemic index. This means your body will store less fat! Always substitute starchy sides with steamed veggies or a sweet potato. 
  3. Say No to Croutons and Cheese. Salads are great if you do not drench them with salad dressing, croutons and cheese. This helps you keep the calorie count of your salad down. Also, croutons and cheese are processed foods! Add sunflowers or almonds to your diet instead of cheese. 
  4. Oil-Based Dressings. Oil-based dressings are a better option than creamy dressings. Balsamic vinaigrette is also a good salad dressing optio!. If your restaurant does not have either, ask for vinegar and oil. Oil and vinegar can help lower your glucose level. Adding lemon to your salad gives you some acidity that is great with the oil and vinegar!
  5. Opt for Fish. Lean proteins are great, but fish is the best option for eating out. Fish is a healthy entree when it is not fried. Fish is a leaner piece of protein than burgers, steaks, and chicken, and is the reason why you should not look at the calorie count. Fish is full of omega 3 fats, the healthy fats. Omega 3's are good for your heart and your weight loss. This is not empty calories!
  6. No Added Salt. Do not sprinkle salt all over your food! Most restaurant dishes are already high in sodium. That is why many people dread eating out. Even healthy dishes have a high level of sodium! You should avoid adding salt to your dishes, because it raises your blood pressure. Salt can also increase your appetite. That is not good for your diet. It is therefore suggested that you get rid of the diet myths yourself before you start with your weight loss journey.
  7. Water. Pick water over other beverages. Ask for lemon with your water. Lemons work to flush out any impurities in your body. Lemon also helps curb your sweet tooth and freshen your breath!
  8. No Sweet Desserts. Avoid desserts when you are eating out unless the restaurant has an all-natural fruit option. Dark chocolate is good for you, and it will not hurt you to eat a dark chocolate dessert every once and a while. 
  9. Forget the Sauce. Chefs add sauces to healthy proteins. Most of these sauces are cream-based and full of pure butter. Make sure that your dish does not come with any sauce. Having no sauce will also lower the dish's calorie count!

When you're eating out on a diet, you should enjoy yourself and not worry about calories or what your meal is doing to counteract your diet. Use these tips to have a great night out on the town. These nine tips are a surefire ways to stick to your diet when you are eating out. It is more reliable than looking at a calorie chart and just picking the healthy eating options.

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