10 Cold-Hard Truths About Love& Relationships (Take Notes)


Hard times can be hidden blessings.

Loving someone requires commitment not just saying the words ‘I love you’ and bandying around the L word each time you have a free moment, but committing emotionally, physically and spiritually to other person.

The two people must work towards common interests in the relationship. It might literally seem to be tit for tat but it is definitely not, it basically must begin from the brain down to the heart and the actions manifest it all.

You must first love yourself to be able to understand what the other person means when they say they love you.

1. Relationships are not about good or bad people, just ones that are right for you

You may go for beauty when searching for a partner, but later you realize that the character and ways of life does not make the person right for you.

You will find that the other party may not even remain the person they initially were, individuals change with time.

2. In relationships the parties should look for the problem in themselves first

When you feel unhappy with yourself, it’s easy to find where the problem lies. If you blame the other party for what you are feeling, the solution may lie on them but it is not logical.

It actually does not solve the problem since you did not actually look for the root of the problem. Take responsibility of the problem and you have the power to create a solution and important step while managing your life in relationship.

3. In long, committed relationships, you will never really be sure be sure if you are in love with the other person or you are just habitual to them

After a long period of time in relationships you get fond of your partner such that they become more of a brother and more of a friend which at times may be hard to be differentiated from the love you had in the beginning.

4. Trying to be friends with your ex just after breakup never works

A clean breakup is always required this is to assure you that most people don’t end up with the person they always thought was the one.

5. You must not agree with your partner’s choices always

What matters most is whether or not you can accept those choices. It is wise to give time before making decisions, instant decision making will certainly give or lead to regrets.

Relationships will not always be exciting; there are times of joy and sorrow.

6. There are no equal relationships

There will always be one partner who loves the other one more which is so unfortunate since the one less involved gets to call the shots always, this brings the possibility of falling out of love with someone leading to break up which may seem like the end of the world but life always move on.

7. The perfect relationship doesn’t exist –no matter how hard you try or how many rules you follow

Your relationship will never be perfect just because perfect does not exist. So you should lower the high expectations of romantic dinners every night or surprises every morning which only happen in movies.

The key word to maintain your relationship is just lowering ones temper and trying very hard to understand your partner. You will always have something to argue about, healthy arguments and not unnecessarily cribbing are a way of showing that you are working to make your relationship work.

8. You will have to work to get happiness, sometimes for a long time

Most people want it to come naturally with a great relationship but happiness is something that you have to work towards. Fight the monotony that is assured to fight in, forgive some things and take a stand for others while always working towards happiness.

9. Just trying to make it work does not work

You may decide to make it work and you are willing to try your best but unfortunately it can’t work. Relationships work simultaneously and both members need to put equal efforts.

Sex life will definitely change as relationship progresses, the wild passion from before will stop making you go towards a more mature relationship.

10. You will be unhappy at times, and that is completely OK

Romance is good at times but sometimes lack of it is best, at times just changing into you pajamas and relaxing with you partner can be far better.

The hard times can be a hidden blessing and you notice later that nothing will develop that bond as the hard times.

Conclusion: In a good relationship you will need to care and show concern to your partner. You need treat him/her with love not ambivalence or fickleness.

In a true relationship love requires actions because at the end of the day talk is very cheap, love is shown and you feel it.





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