Why You Should Watch Football With Your Man


Why You  Should Watch Football With Your Man
Don't be a football widow this season. Here's what's in it for you on game day.

Ladies do you believe that popular phrase the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Sure, a delicious candlelight dinner will please your man, but there is a faster and stronger path to relationship bliss. What might that be, you ask?

Sharing your man’s enthusiasm for football this season.

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It’s no secret that a man who loves football would be attracted to a woman who also loves sports. So this year, when the NFL’s, Are You Ready For Some Football, theme song starts before a game, don’t fight over the remote. Instead, join your man and cheer for the home team.

Better yet, why not surprise him with two tickets to watch his favorite professional or college football team in live-action play at the stadium. Sure, screaming in your living room when your team makes a touch down is fun. But it doesn’t hold a candle to doing the wave with 60,000 of your fellow fans on game day. And don’t forget to wear your team’s colors. Solidarity against the enemy team is good psychological warfare.

If you still want to reach your man through his stomach, kick it up a notch with Tailgating before the game. Why not share the culinary duties? You bring a couple of great side dishes and his favorite dessert and leave the grilling to him. Nothing beats the aroma of burgers, brats and chicken being barbequed on the grill. Grab a couple of beers, two lawn chairs, sit back and enjoy the brisk autumn air and each other.

One of my favorite parts of any college game is the battle of the bands. Even if you don’t enjoy the game, you can enjoy the music. The marching bands decked out in their colorful uniforms playing and dancing their way across the field is a musical tradition and a crowd pleaser. Usually, there is a musical act during halftime at professional football games as well.

A great romantic getaway is to hit the road and follow your favorite team to an away game in another city. A lot of popular college teams have travel packages to some away games. Just check their websites. It’s also easy to plan your own weekend getaway. Pick a nice hotel near the stadium, have a quiet dinner for two and close the evening scoring a sexual touchdown of your own.

If you can’t go to an away game, another option is to throw a game watch party. This doesn’t have to be real pricey. Invite over some friends and have everyone bring something like a dish, beer or wine. You supply the chili, chips and dips.

Ladies, please follow these 3 simple basic rules for watching the game with your man.

1. Don’t expect to cuddle. This is not the time.

2. Don’t get frustrated and snap when your man flips between games with the remote control. How else can he find out what is happening with the New York Jets, Chicago Bears and San Francisco 49’s at the same time.

3. Bring food. Didn’t we say one way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Keep the meal simple and easy to eat in front of the TV. Chicken wings, hamburgers, chili, or chips and dips are quick to fix and won’t take too much time away from the game.

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