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Women seeking to end a relationship
Women starting over

Women seeking to end a relationship

Feeling Very Empowered And Positive

"After the fifth session, I was feeling very empowered and positive about the future, having dealt with the guilt and frustrations of my relationship, overcoming the guilt I felt around problems within my family and feeling confident about my ability…

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Women starting over

I Found Peace At Last!

"Marina provides an insightful and inspiring 45mins window to discuss moments of consiousness, that are often the cause in holding oneself back from enjoying or finding peace with the present or the past.

I found her openness reassuring and surprisingly…

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Thank You So Much For The Amazing Call!

Thank you so much for the amazing call. It really helped me to get things in perspective and to feel more confident in where I'm at. You really heard what I was saying and responded appropriately - thank you! Caroline…

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Wonderful Support, It Has Really Turned My Life Around

“Marina uses methods that really challenged my old and tired thinking patterns. Tough at first but with her wonderful support it has really turned my life around. I would advise any women going through a divorce or separation to sign…

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Thanks Marina For Your Fantastic Advice

“Thank so much for your fantastic advice the other day Marina. We never stop needing guidance when it comes to dealing with ex's!” Suzy Miller, Founder of Divorce in A Box

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I Have Found Myself Not Missing HIm Anymore And Feeling Free

“Before coming to Marina, I felt that I missed my ex at times and it would bring back some painful memories. Marina, however took me through the Everything Is Perfect exercise,  I have found myself not missing him any more…

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Marina Has Changed My Life

“Talking and working through the exercises with Marina and reading her book “Your right to be wrong in relationships” has changed my life. When I met Marina I was very confused, I knew I was doing something very wrong, but…

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I Am Feeling Better Already, More Optimistic and More At Peace!

"I have been reading your amazing book (p.132 so far) and I am feeling better already, more optimistic and more in peace with myself. Psychotherapy in a book!!!!! You 've done an excellent job and every woman should read your…

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After 6 Sessions with Marina, I Was Free of Pain and Dating Again

"Before coming to Marina, I was confused, upset and obsessing about my ex and thinking that i would never get over him. After just 6 short sessions with Marina going through the method. I was able to free myself of…

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Marina Pearson

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Divorce Coach

Divorce Recovery Coach

Personal Development Coach


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Articles by Marina Pearson

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Finances are only a small part of the problem.

Why Money Problems May Prevent You From Finding Intimacy

Are You So Worried About Money That You Can't Be Intimate?

Don't let your money troubles prevent you from having a great relationship.

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Just Do It: How To Stop Being Afraid Of Breaking Up

Let go of your guilt and fear when leaving a relationship.

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Are you confused about staying or going in a relationship?

Check Out My New Book
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Transform your ex relationship struggle into ...
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Marina Pearson

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Abandonment, Abuse / Survivors of Abuse, Anxiety Issues, Communication Problems, Divorce Rehabilitation, Divorce/Divorce Prevention, Empowering Women, Emptiness, Family Support, Financial Stress, Forgiveness, Spiritual, Stress Management, Trust Issues