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Are you single, and you don’t really understand why? Or are you in a relationship and you still feel utterly alone and depressed? This is the worst feeling in the world. I understand what it is like, because I pushed love away and I didn’t even realize it, have you done the same? Do you know how to create feelings of infinite abundance in love and even have EPIC Love that lasts a lifetime? Having EPIC Love requires a few simple things that you can get in my free EPIC Love Newsletter where you will learn to love yourself and attract love.

When you aren’t feeling lovable and loving, you may feel sad, afraid, closed up, guilty, and isolated. When you don’t love yourself, you end up pushing love away by acting out of fear. So many of my clients learn to attract the love they want inside of themselves, so they can be open to receiving the kind of EPIC Love they truly crave from the kind of man they desire. I will teach you how to attract love online, with the right hot-button words for your dating profile or help you in the real world. You will learn how to connect with your true sensual feminine essence. Don't wait for love any longer and learn to BE the Love you want becuase when you are in the EPIC Love flow is when you will be able to create the life you've always dreamed of and I can help you.

In fact, my EPIC Love Newsletter will show you how to get men to chase you instead of the other way around. You will get the tools you need to feel carefree, and release the amazing inner you... the woman that every man dreams about. Don’t push love away any longer because you have waited long enough. When you sign up for my EPIC Love newsletter, you will also get my free eBook “How To Stop Pushing Men Away & Get The Epic Love You Want.” You will also receive tools (like the heart-opening downloadable meditation) that will literally shift your energy from one of fear, into feelings of peace, ease and love in just a few minutes a day. Get the free tools you need today that will  help you get the love you want!

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

I was letting life and love pass me by becuase of my love-life gone awry. We have all felt the devistating pain of heartbreak. It really makes your heart and your soul hurt. I remember crying my eyes out for hours becuase of the love I thought I had lost. And I checked out of living for long time. I buried my head under the covers becasue I didn't want to face another day depressed and alone. 

Then I got sick of feeling this way and decided I would do anything and eveyrthing to make myself feel better. So I started to check in with myself. I remember thinking this happened to me so I would know what it was like to feel this bad.  I spent months meditating and tapping into to source for guidance. I had an aha moment (more than one actually... and I thought to myself... "If I can help one person not feel this bad for too long, then it will all be worth it." That is my passion in life. Learning to love and be loved and helping other people love themselves and get the love they truly crave.

Becuase when you don't know how to love yourself things can seem so bad and they are. If you don't love yourself, how can anyone love you? I have learned from so many amazing teachers and healers and have developed the tools to feel better about myself and so can you. I would love to share this EPIC Love journey with you. Learn how to Stop Pushing Men Away & Get The Love You Want Today when you sign up for my free EPIC Love Newsletter. You will get my free eBook and heart-centered mediation that will shift your energy from one of fear to one of EPIC Love.

Dina Z Colada

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