5 Ways To Ruin Your Online Dating Profile


5 Ways To Ruin Your Online Dating Profile
Is your online dating profile up to par? Check out these critical mistakes to avoid.

There are plenty of ways to ruin your online dating profile. I have read thousands of online dating profiles from men and women and these are the mistakes I've seen time and time again. These are the kind of things you want to avoid because they could be keeping you from getting a date with the kind of person you want to meet and ultimately finding the love you deserve.

1. Modeling in front of the shower curtain. We are visual creatures by nature, especially when it comes to men. Most people go to the profile with the good pictures first, so take the time to post a few. If you only post 2 photos, make them your best and make sure they are pictures of you. Have at least one picture where we can see your eyes, and have one full body shot.


You don't need to put up 25 pictures of you, your dog, your racecar, your four-wheeler, your motorcycle, your kids, you and your ex, you holding up a fish or hanging out in a bar with your much better looking friend, or you and your mother. We are so glad you love your mom, and your kids, but we do not wpant to date your mom, your kids, your motorcycle, your dog or a sunset.

2. Having a boring bio. You really like to work hard play hard, go biking and hiking? We sure are glad because we like that too, but so does every other person on every other profile, and everyone writes that. When you go through lots of profiles, it's like 97% of the singles you see cut and pasted somebody else's words. Write about what your passions or what you did on your last vacation, or your favorite meal you love to eat.

3. Using bad grammar. If you are serious about finding love or even casually dating, you need to realize your profile needs to say something about you like an adult, not a crazy-texting obsessed teenager. Don't treat your profile like a text or instant message. One "lol" probably won't get you thrown in the online dating profile police paddy wagon, but overuse of "lols", 2nite, LBTL's, no capital letters, and run-on sentences, may have you sent to the alone, single Friday night lockup every weekend for the rest of your life. Take this quiz to see if you need help looking for love.

4. Bringing relationship baggage. Everyone has had a broken heart at one time or another, but you don't need to rehash the details of your breakup on your profile. Bringing up your old hurts from the past will not do your online dating profile or your love life any favors. When someone comes across a profile and the first thing they read is something negative like: no liars, no cheater or users, is telling us that you have been burned, are still bitter and have not gotten over your last heartbreak. Leave the details of your divorce for when you actually get to know each other. The one thing to do when you are nervous dating after divorce. Keep Reading ...

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